If you have a blog, but have not yet started making money with it, you are missing out on a big opportunity. Many people have monetized their blogs and are earning cool money, while at the same time doing what they love; sharing ideas with other people. Well, it is not too late to turn your blog into a money making platform. Here are 5 simple ways to monetize your blog.

1. Promote affiliate products

There are numerous ways in which you can monetize your blog using affiliate marketing. One way that works for most bloggers is writing articles and placing affiliate links within your content. Place the links in specific sentences within the article.The idea here is that the people reading your content will click on your affiliate link and potentially buy the products you’re promoting, and in the end you’ll be paid a commission.

However, you should avoid putting random affiliate links. Try to find related product and one that you have already tested, which you can recommend to the readers. Many people are likely to visit the site, but only a number will buy. Your aim should be to get as many people as possible to click the affiliate link so that you’ll have higher chances of earning a commission.

2. Sell your own product

Well, this may seem impossible since any product you have in mind has already been created by other people, and it could be hard to beat your competition . But not all products are the same; each product is unique in its own way. This is why people keep buying a given product even when they’ve already bought an almost similar product from someone else.

All you just need to do is avoid copying other people’s stuff. When doing a research about a product you want to start making, ensure it doesn’t have anything found in another person’s product (it should be unique). This is what will make the product stand out from among other products. While it may take a significant amount of time to develop or come up with a great product, it will pay off in the end. Creativity and patience is the key here.

3. Provide services

If you have any specific skill or knowledge and experience working on something, you can start offering to teach other people and get paid in return. And it can be anything from how to make a blog, blog tips for beginners, graphic designing to physical skills like bodybuilding. Choose the best and easiest ways potential customers can get in touch with you. Tell them of how you can teach them to do some things the way you do them. If you have many happy clients, they may spread the word about you so it can be an effective way to build up your name as well as drive more traffic to your blog.

4. Hire me page

This is a page where you will allow visitors to hire you for a specific task or job, and they will pay you for work done. Generally, the kind of job you could do will depend on your blog’s niche. Some of the things your hire me page should have include your pricing, experience and the job you’d be willing to do. When writing your hire me page, ensure that there is no single spelling and grammar mistakes, and most importantly, that the content is the highest possible quality. Try to treat the page like an application for a job in one of the big companies.

But hire me pages may not work for everyone. You must be well experienced in the niche you’re in and also needs to be confident to do the job you’re given. You wouldn’t like to find yourself struggling to do a very simple task.

5. Direct ads

These are ads that link to a product or service. Direct ads differ from other types of ads as you will be directly dealing with the advertiser (there’s no any advertising network behind ads). Many blogs and websites have “Advertise here” boxes. These are the boxes where people pay for ad space. If a business wants to advertise their products on your blog, they will contact you and place the ads with you. Generally, sponsor ads are paid either monthly or weekly

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