“Whether you think you can or... Can’t either way you are right” ...Henry Ford

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Info ProductWeb Publishing Ltd was formed by me, Adu Acheampong, a successful entrepreneur with a long history in business. I formed the company with a view to providing quality information products - in the form of DVDs and eBooks – to help any of you who wish to set up in business to understand how best to utilise your entrepreneurial skills and make your business a success on the web.

I know what it takes to succeed in business

Having been made CEO of Soadwa Motors – a family business - in 1996, I had to understand what it takes to succeed in business from an early age. After running the business successfully for five years, I studied for a diploma and then a post-graduate degree in Shipping Management at London Institute of Shipping and Transport, which helped me to hone my already proven management skills.

Following my studies, I became export coordinator at one of the UK’s top freight forwarding companies, Inbrit Logistics, which gave me an even greater awareness of what it takes to manage people within a highly pressurised environment, as well as knowledge of a completely different industry to the one I had previously been used to.

Having gained a great level insight into the shipping industry, my entrepreneurial streak led me to open my own shipping company called Globalink Shipping and Logistics Ltd.

Attention to detail

I am no stranger to hard work and I pay minute attention to detail in everything I do. As an Ezine Articles-certified Expert Author, I am also a highly-skilled communicator.

We can help you be a successful in your online business

After learning from Andrew Reynolds and Anik Singal – self-made millionaires and internet marketers, I was inspired to set up Info ProductWeb Publishing Ltd to share my knowledge of online business with you – my fellow entrepreneurs - to help you understand what it takes to make your internet business a success.

Adu Acheampong
CEO and Founder


CEO & Founder

Message From The CEO And Founder
I read a book about selling on eBay written by Eric Holmes and I came across a statement which has helped me a lot and I will like to share with you what we all actually do without realising it.

He said that, “Most people will do almost anything if the price is right. People will kill one another, betray one another and steal for money.

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